lumiraA Holistic Approach to Daylighting

Examing the economic, environmental, and societal impacts of Lumira® aerogel daylighting. The inclusion of Lumira® in fenestration systems optimizes an architect's ability to design with daylight. Lumira® is an exceptional material that manages heat, diffuses light, reduces sound, and repels moisture.

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Design Flexibility

Balancing Aesthetics and Daylighting Design Needs

Architects and building owners face challenges everyday in balancing aesthetics and daylighting design needs with increasingly stringent building and energy code requirements. Coupled with the growing focus on proactively reducing the carbon footprint of dwellings and buildings, thee challenges are becoming increasingly daunting. Transulcent Lumira® aerogel is the perfect solution to combat these issues by maintaining and enhancing energy efficiency while enabling a wide range of commercial and residential buidling design choices.

The Lumira® Difference in Sustainable Design

Lumira® aerogel daylighting system projects have been installed all over the world. It is widely acknowledged that the construction, occupation and running of buildings accounts for close to half of all energy consumption in the USA and Europe. Not only can Lumira® aerogel save energy and reduce carbon footprint, it is also reusable when the building is decomissioned. The inclusion of Lumira® aerogel aerogel in daylighting systems can help create healthier living, recreational and work spaces, and can assist in securing LEED certification and meet or exceed stringent building codes such as Part L in the UK, Energieein-sparverordnung in Germany, and Reglementation Technique in France. Lumira® aerogel holds Silver Cradle to Cradle certification form McDonough Braumgart Design Chemistry.


"The combination of polycarbonate sheet and environmentally friendly Lumira® aerogel particles provides a unique balance of cost, thermal performance, acoustic performance, visual comfort and aesthetics. It offers architects and developers an attractive, practical way of following the French HQE® approach to energy management and environmental impact." –Mr. Christopher Murail, General Manager, Murail Architectures

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Quality, Diffused Daylighting with Lumira® aerogel-filled Panels


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