lumiraA Holistic Approach to Daylighting

Examing the economic, environmental, and societal impacts of Lumira® aerogel daylighting. The inclusion of Lumira® in fenestration systems optimizes an architect's ability to design with daylight. Lumira® is an exceptional material that manages heat, diffuses light, reduces sound, and repels moisture.

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Economic Impact

Strong Return On Investment

Lumira® aerogel-filled panels have a strong return on investment.

By using Lumira® aerogel-filled polycarbonate panels in a daylighting system, the performance of that system can be improved over the standard product by a factor of four or five. New unit costs of Lumira® aerogel-insulated skylights average 25-35% more than standard skylights but are able to see an ROI in under 3-5 years, depending on energy costs.

Distribution Center with 220 Unit Skylights (differential in performance vs. standard domes)

  • Energy reduction - 6,000 BTU/hr
  • Cost of energy not consumed - $8,500 per year
  • Savings over 15 year service life - $127,000
  • Carbon footprint reduction - 83 tons per year

SAVE + $125,000 OVER 15 YEARS!


"The UV stability, durability, and moisture resistance of hydrophobic Lumira® insulation result in extended product life and lower long-term operational costs. These benefits hold true even in extreme or demanding applications such as passive houses, zero-carbon or positive energy buildings."

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Quality, Diffused Daylighting with Lumira® aerogel-filled Panels


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