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The inclusion of Lumira® aerogel in daylighting systems provides increased thermal insulation, excellent light diffusion, improved acoustic perfromance, reduced solar heat gain/loss, and decreased energy consumption - heat, air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, and carbon emissions.

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Why Lumira® aerogel

Architects and building owners face challenges everyday in balancing aesthetics and daylighting design needs with increasingly stringent building and energy code requirements. Coupled with the growing focus on proactively reducing the carbon footprint of dwellings and buildings, thee challenges are becoming increasingly daunting. Transulcent Lumira® aerogel is the perfect solution to combat these issues by maintaining and enhancing energy efficiency while enabling a wide range of commercial and residential buidling design choices.





The inclusion of Lumira® aerogel in daylighting systems virtually eliminates the historical trade-off of insulation vs. natural light by providing 3 to 6 times the thermal performance of the traditional, poorly insulated fenestration products, while maintaining optimal light transmission. As a result, even large daylight surface areas can maintain high energy efficiency by reducing thermal loads.


"Not only can Lumira® aerogel save energy and reduce CO2 emissions, it is also reusable when the building is decommisioned. Lumira® aerogel is safe for humans (particle sizes from 1 to 4mm) and ecological systems, and is manufactured with little to no impact on the environment."

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Quality, Diffused Daylighting with Lumira® aerogel-filled Panels


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