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The inclusion of Lumira® aerogel in daylighting systems provides increased thermal insulation, excellent light diffusion, improved acoustic perfromance, reduced solar heat gain/loss, and decreased energy consumption - heat, air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, and carbon emissions.

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Strategic Partners

The members of the Lumira® aerogel consortium have partnered together in their efforts to promote the use of natural light in the building and construction industries. The consortium members understand the challenges architects and building owners face in balancing aesthetics and daylighting design needs with increasingly stringent building and energy code requirements.

The consortium foresaw the potential of enhancing the thermal performance of multiwall polycarbonate daylighting systems with the inclusion of Lumira® aerogel. The use of Lumira® aerogel polycarbonate panels in these types of systems incorporates natural light without the worry of energy loss, promoting energy savings and lower operating costs for building owners.

lumira aerogelLumira® aerogel is an extremely versatile daylighting product and Lumira™ filled daylighting systems have been installed all over the world. There are many applications for Lumira® aerogel including: curtain walls, interior walls, skylights, sunrooms, pool enclosures, greenhouses, canopies, covered walkways, conservatories and stadiums. Click here to visit our project photo gallery.

The goal of the consortium is to continually promote daylighting concepts and the energy efficiency of aerogel-filled polycarbonate panels with members of the architectural, building, and construction communities.


"Lumira® aerogel is a very light, highly-porous form of silica aerogel that is 97% air ... The amazing thing about silica aerogel is how well it insulates - even while transmitting (diffused) light." –Environmental Building News / Product and News Reviews.

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Quality, Diffused Daylighting with Lumira® aerogel-filled Panels


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