lumiraA Holistic Approach to Daylighting

Examing the economic, environmental, and societal impacts of Lumira® aerogel daylighting. The inclusion of Lumira® in fenestration systems optimizes an architect's ability to design with daylight. Lumira® is an exceptional material that manages heat, diffuses light, reduces sound, and repels moisture.

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Societal Impact

Tactical Use Of Natural Light

Studies show that comfort, productivity, learning, healing, and customer consumption/retention are dramatically improved by the tactical use of natural light as the primary source of illumination in workplaces, schools, hospitals, homes, and retail environments.

  • In the Workplace: Natural light can help increase production and has been proven to raise employee productivity by 2-16%.
  • In the Classroom: Daylighting helps concentration and can increase a student's performance on tests by as much as 20%.
  • In Healthcare: Patients in hospital rooms with windows or skylights experience shorter stays; as daylight contributes to physical health resulting in earlier patient discharge.
  • In Retail: Studies have shown an average 25-40% increase in sales in retail stores where skylights provide a significant portion of daytime lighting.

The inclusion of Lumira® aerogel in daylighting systems provides increased thermal insulation, excellent light diffusion, improved acoustic perfromance, reduced solar heat gain/loss, and decreased energy consumption - heat, air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, and carbon emissions.


"Daylighting delivers substantial and measurable benefits. The full spectrum light provided by daylighting is the source of life and essential to our well-being, health and development."

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Quality, Diffused Daylighting with Lumira® aerogel-filled Panels


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