lumiraA Holistic Approach to Daylighting

Examing the economic, environmental, and societal impacts of Lumira® aerogel daylighting. The inclusion of Lumira® in fenestration systems optimizes an architect's ability to design with daylight. Lumira® is an exceptional material that manages heat, diffuses light, reduces sound, and repels moisture.

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Thermal Performance

Thermal Insulation Properties

Lumira® aerogels high porosity and finestructure ensure excellent thermal performance in inhibiting heat transfer.aerogel heat transfer diagram

  • Conduction: The low solid content of Lumira® aerogel reduces the transfer of heat through solid phase conduction.
  • Convection: The pore size of Lumira® aerogel traps gas molecules preventing them from colliding and transferring heat.
  • Radiation: Lumira® aerogel can be opacified minimizing heat radiation by absorbing it.

High Performance Daylighting

When incorporated into the daylighting systems, in both roofs and facades, Lumira® aerogel offers architects and building owners a multitude of design benefits. Whether the insulation is horizontal, vertical, or at an angle, Lumira® aerogel insulation retains its properties, enabling unflinching thermal efficiency while allowing exceptional daylight and optimized building aesthetics without sacraficing but actually improving, occupant comfort and productivity.


"Solid, non light-transmissive construction delivers an R-value of 24 (U-value of 0.24), while high performance triple-glazed krypton glass glazing delivers R-8 (U-0.7), making the choice easy when compared to Lumira® aerogel, which allows daylighting products to deliver a range of R-values from 6 to 20 (U-0.28 to 0.89) while cultivating essential natural light."

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Quality, Diffused Daylighting with Lumira® aerogel-filled Panels


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